Most common addictions

The usual idea in our mind when thinking of addictions is alcohol and drugs. Yes, they statistically lead the way but are not only crippling addictions. Unfortunately today there are many destructive habits that are still not officially recognized as an addiction. Here are some which are found as most common today.


post1aLinked to more than 60 types of injury and disease it is much more dangerous and destructive as we think of it. Leading to a great sickness such as many types of cancer or liver cirrhosis as a legal intoxicant presents a huge threat and problem for society in all parts of the world. And no matter how much progress is achieved with rehabilitation centers and foundations alcohol use is still on the rise.


As a substance that still holds first place ranking in the world, it makes the most health damage. Unfortunately, as addict damage themselves they also damage people around them. Statistic numbers of lung cancer deaths are just rising worldwide because of its “hidden low damage” effect.


In the whole world rise of illegal drugs and prescription medications is just getting higher. Some Vicodin or OxyContin became popular and common as marijuana. Children are more and more using some cleaning products, glues or nail polish removers to get some high effects. Today drugs don’t make a difference between age, social, financial levels and cultures. Some most heavily used drugs are heroin, cocaine, cannabis, and methamphetamines.


Due to accessibility in practically every corner store or Internet, it is on the huge rise. Some common forms of gambling include lotteries, scratch cards, automatic poker machines, horse racing and casino gambling.


Most aggressive media attack on humanity is through the standards we should look and represent ourselves. Conflicting messages about unrealistic ideas of body shape connected to a great choice of available food, which is mostly unhealthy, results with various disorders like bulimia, anorexia and compulsive eating.

Video games

Not only for kids but also for adults is becoming a great appeal to everybody. Causing not just problems and damages in the school, family and mental functioning to some serious levels, it provides to an addicting sort of escape by taking another identity and interacting with unreal, cyber world. Losing sense of time, people and surrounding may be a much bigger danger we can imagine.


Hardworking people are very appreciated today in every aspect of the business, but these requirements are becoming exaggerated in every possible way leading to destructive effect. Consumer culture is rising unbelievably driving people to attain as much money as they can because money is becoming a link to self-identity and success. Health and relationships are just a little part of damage this “positive characteristic” is doing to people.


Spending more and more time on our computer, especially our mobile phones Internet is becoming a global leader when it comes to addiction. There are many Internet “pleasures’ that provide addictive feeling such as social networking, shopping, cybersex, and gaming. This even comes to a level of damages like risking jobs, getting in debts, being incapable to stop spending so much time on Internet, loosing loved ones, etc.