Addiction treatment options

To stop addicted individuals from compulsive addictive behavior, it is needed to use personalized approach and type of the treatment. Programs can be customized according to their requires, personal stories, body conditions and other personal attachments. Most effective types of treatment are those who include individuals to be active on their way to recovery in every moment.

post2aOutpatient rehabilitation

Outpatient rehab clients are allowed to live at home during their recovery process. They need to respect and attend their schedule of treatment sessions regularly while allowed to continue spending time with their family members and working.  There is of course the much greater risk of triggers that can cause their failure on the way to sobriety that’s why this method suits patients with mild forms of addiction and disciplined mental state.

Inpatient rehabilitation

Referred also to as residential treatment is designed to provide an approach to a patient 24/7. During this treatment, patient is accommodated in substance-free facility with around the clock monitoring and medicine care. This is much delicate and especially important form of treatment because of taking care of the individuals with great dependence and craving problems. Treatments last depending on clients’ results and improvement and are most effective forms of care for addiction issues.

Drug and alcohol detox

post2bMost often as the first step in addiction treatments recovering from moderate to more serious forms of addiction. It is a safe method that provides people to clean their system by withdrawing them from any possible addiction source. To help ease symptoms of getting of addiction substances and causes, patients often require certain doses of medication assistance. Today there is no need for the patient to suffer more than he/she should be. When taken in conjunction with proper treatment program the only result may be a successful one.

Substance abuse counseling

Have been shown as very effective in treating substance use disorders. There is a variety of treatment involving a combination of very specific approaches, knowledge, and experience of professional staff. It may be provided in group and individual form of treatment. Most important that perfect combination is made for every unique patient so learning how to manage to crave and staying sober becomes less painful and more effective in long-term.

post2cAnimal-assisted therapy

Animals can play a great role in improving individual’s physical and mental health. It is proved with many types of research, studies and practical cases. By promoting empathy, animal motivates a person to connect with others, gives a feeling of self-confidence and by that whole recovery process is much faster and more improved. Patient feels more empowered, and the animal is accepted as a family member. The animal is also specially trained to serve and help with an effect of reducing depression and isolation.

12 step programs

Various 12 step programs are ranging from Alcohol Anonymous, over Debtor Anonymous to Cocaine Anonymous all using same methods. These are made as the standard for recovering from an addiction. They are very helpful because of allowing patients to adapt the step to their own requires.