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Realizing that someone you care needs help is not sign of the weakness, it is the first and hardest step on the path to success.

What Can We Do For You

We are a multi-service corporation specialized to provide programs and services in addiction treatment and counseling program. Our work is based on a belief that an individual deserves a best possible health care and understanding while going through hard life struggle.

Addiction preventive education

Addiction preventive education

By empowering youth through education, we may prevent bigger and more serious cases. By making smart and more reasonable choices, developing common sense and creating healthy ideas we can make sure to provide our future successful and educated young leaders.

Inpatient and outpatient services

Inpatient and outpatient services

Inpatient programs place the patient into a treatment facility with 24/7 care from our professional staff, while outpatient programs have an exception where the patient is allowed to return home each night after treatment. The outpatient program is usually predicted for those with mild or short-lived addiction.

Addiction counseling

Addiction counseling

By a combination of medication and talking therapies which are tailored to the individual and their particular issue we successfully clear the path to abstinence. Aftercare is provided in the form of self-help groups which assist individual to deal easier with after effects and similar issues.


Why us?

It is not hard to choose need of help when you turn to a professional team with huge experience led by a code of ethical conduct. Encouragement, support, guidance, and acceptance make our groundwork.

Our Facilities

Our offer consists of a great number of treatment centers and villages. They are unique and equipped with highest levels to provide the best care for most types of addictions. All went through the rigorous accreditation process and are following strict hygiene and ethics rules for cleanliness, care, and professional staff. Our standards will provide only success and satisfying feeling. If we do not have the type of treatment you need we can refer you to another local organization such as Palmer Lake Recovery

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Our Program

With us and our care, every client has a chance to enroll in a program and receive best possible treatment. Every client is a unique individual, and we are aware there are no two persons who are exactly alike, especially when it comes to problems and issues like life struggles.  This is why we offer personalized programs with outnumbering forms of therapies during treatment. Comprehensive, caring, professional and experienced help is something we provide to anyone seeking help for addiction.

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